Get Hired -- In Antigua!

job hunting travel Oct 23, 2018


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again -- if you want a job on a yacht, you’ve got to be where the yachts are.


Antigua in the Caribbean is one of the hot spots for the yachting community. So if Florida is really not your thing, or you just want a little more adventure, Antigua might be a fun, tropical place to base yourself for job hunting!


Here’s what you need to know to start your job hunt in Antigua:


Getting There:


Be aware of the current immigration practices. In Antigua, you’ll be welcomed as a tourist, but they might be more reluctant if they know you’re there to find work.

The best way to stay off of immigration radar is to ensure you’ve got a return ticket booked. You’re there for a vacation, in their eyes, even if you do plan to do some job searching while you’re on-island.


When To Go:


Yachting is a seasonal industry and the boats - and jobs - move around...

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The Insider's Guide to the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show

job hunting Sep 11, 2018

If you haven’t already booked your flights and bought tickets for the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show, add it to your to-do list!

This year’s show happens October 31 - November 4, 2018, and it’s hands-down the biggest opportunity in the U.S. to build your network, find a job, and learn about the industry.

But don’t just show up and hope for the best!

We’ve got 7 tips for how you can make the most out of your Boat Show experience - including planning a working pub crawl!


1. Stay in a crew house


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - staying in a crew house is the BEST way to network with existing crew and yachties.  Read about crew houses here.

Crew houses may fill up early for the boat show, so do your research ahead of time and make sure you’ve got a reservation.

And give yourself a buffer -- arrive early and plan to stay a few days after the show, to maximize your time to connect with your new network and...

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Crew Houses - Your Interview Starts Here

job hunting Aug 28, 2018
The Crew Grapevine, Antibes


We’ve talked about some of the most exciting spots in yachting worldwide, and the best techniques for jumpstarting your career.  

When you travel to a yachting hub, staying in a crew house is a great way to fast-track building your network and meeting other yacht crew.

But beware -- staying in a crew house is not only a place to sleep, it’s the first day of an extended interview for a superyacht job.

Here’s how you can make the best impression and set yourself up for success!


Act Like A Guest

You might feel like one of the crew (or wish you were), but the truth is, you’re a guest here.

Be on your best behavior and act like you’re staying at someone’s home.

This means keeping your space tidy, cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the common areas, and making sure you’re not causing a burden on others.

After all, especially if they’re working long days...

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How To Get The Job of your Dreams

job hunting Jun 05, 2018

You’ve done all of your training, you’ve landed some daywork, but now it’s finally time for your big interview! It’s your chance to land a contract or long-term position on a superyacht, and you want to make your best impression.

 It’s important to prepare for your interview and be sure to take into account the unique tips and strategies that will prepare you for a successful superyacht interview, and set you apart from your competitors!


Know Your Boat

Take the time to learn about the boat before your interview. What are its specifications and features?

How many crew are onboard? What is the typical guest profile? Does it have any particular reputation within the yachting world?


Having this information will help you ask smarter questions and prepare your best answers for the interview.

If you know that the boat is running a fancy new electronics system and you’ve got a background in sound and video, you’ll be able to...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Dockwalking

job hunting Jun 03, 2017

Every industry comes with its unique type of job searching.

In the world of superyachts, it’s not cold-calls, informational interviews, or sending resumes to job boards and human resources departments.  If you want to work on a yacht, you’ll need to start with some solid dockwalking.


So what is dockwalking?

Ultimately, it’s just what it sounds like: walking around marinas and talking to boat captains and crew in the hopes of finding yourself a job.

Dockwalking can be exhausting. It can take persistence and good luck to find the right job at the right time.

But it’s also seen as a necessary evil, a rite of passage to break into the industry. So bear in mind that you’re not likely to find a job your first time out on the docks.

That said, you can maximize your chances by following these key suggestions:


1. Be professional

This may sound like a no-brainer. However, if you’re transitioning from school or working a desk job, just...

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