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What's the Best Size Yacht For Your Cooking Skills?

chef Mar 03, 2021

Small, medium, or large?


Wearing the wrong size clothes can be uncomfortable, impractical, or downright impossible - and choosing a chef position on a yacht size that’s mismatched to your skills and experience can be equally frustrating.

Today we’re diving into the three levels of chef positions on superyachts -- the requirements of each size yacht, and the other ways you’ll know which is the best fit for you!


Start Small


Small private yachts -- usually...

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A Covid Career Shift - How One Woman Launched Her New Career as a Superyacht Chef

chef Feb 21, 2021

One of our favorite things here at FreshYacht is sharing success stories from our students!


Today, we’re talking with Vicky. She launched her superyacht chef career (in 2020, no less) after completing our course Superyacht Chef Academy, and has not looked back since.


If you’re on the fence about making a career change or feeling paralyzed by the need to learn about a new industry, Vicky’s story should inspire you to make the leap!


FY: Vicky, tell us a...

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6 Reasons to Be a Yacht Chef During Covid

chef Feb 08, 2021

Do you have cooking skills? Have you thought about working on yachts as a chef?

A yacht chef job is an incredible opportunity to use your cooking skills to travel the world safely, while quickly improving your finances.

In today's world with COVID lockdowns and restaurant closures, a superyacht job allows you to use your cooking experience and travel in a safe bubble. The nature of yachting is an isolated environment making it a perfect vacation destination for the guests.


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