The 5 Best Things About A Yacht Engineer's Job

the best things about Mar 26, 2018
So you’ve got your sights set on a superyacht job, but you want to leverage your existing engineering or technical skills.

Why not start a career as a superyacht engineer?

With an increasingly complex range of ships systems, electronics, A/V equipment, and guest expectations of the absolute best in service, an engineer’s job can be challenging and the duties varied.

An engineer may be expected to work on anything from a critical ship's system, to helping a guest with their TV. On larger superyachts, Engineering is an entire department, with multiple crew members representing different skills and specialties.

On smaller yachts, there may be only one Engineer, and shore-based services are brought on when needed for larger repair projects.

Working as an engineer can be difficult, but some great rewards come with the work.

Read on for our picks for the Best Things about Being A Superyacht Engineer.


Prestige….and Pay

The Engineer is a critical part of the...

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Superyacht or Cruise Ship?

the best things about Jan 15, 2018

When you’re drawn to a career at sea, there are a few options available to you. And if you’ve written off joining the Navy, working on a cargo ship, or fishing the deep waters, perhaps you’re torn between the lifestyle on a cruise ship and that of a superyacht.

Or maybe you’ve already decided to pursue a superyacht career, but you’re sick and tired of your friends asking when they can book their discounted stay on your cruise line. Well, here’s a quick reference guide for yourself and for your community, a breakdown of the key differences between working on a superyacht and working on a cruise ship.

The Owners and The Guests

Cruise ships are typically owned and operated by large corporations and filled with thousands of guests. This means that the ship is run according to strict business practices and expectations, and the guests represent an entire range of ages, backgrounds, demographics, and interests. Just think of the college spring break...

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The Best Things About A Yacht Chef Job

the best things about Dec 05, 2017

Welcome back to our “Best Things About…” series, where we talk about the unique benefits of working different yacht crew positions.

Today, we’re featuring the world of a yacht chef. While this job requires creativity and flexibility in an ever-changing environment, it’s also a great opportunity if you're a chef looking for a new exciting career direction.

If you love food and cooking but don't have any formal experience, you could also consider pursuing a culinary education with a yacht chef career in mind.

Read on and learn about the top 5 perks of being a superyacht chef.

1. You'll find work easily! 

Chefs are in high demand on yachts! Finding a qualified chef who can also work on yachts, is harder than it sounds.

So if you have strong culinary skills and you're willing to pack up and go traveling for a while  -- you can take your pick of yacht jobs.

In addition to finding work easily, you'll be well compensated for your experience and...

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5 Best Things About Deckhand Jobs On Superyachts

the best things about Nov 06, 2017

Welcome back to our Best Things About series, where we dive in and share a little more information about what it’s like to work different positions on a yacht.

Last time, we featured some of the best parts of working as interior superyacht crew. Today, we’re back to highlight some of the things crew love about working on deck!


That View


Living and working on a superyacht means that you’ll go to some incredibly beautiful places and see some amazing sights.

But working as deck crew ALSO means that you’re outside to experience these views firsthand. Whether it’s being the first to spot the shore after an extended crossing, or having extra opportunities to watch wildlife in action, you’ll be right there in the midst of it.

While interior crew and guests also have amazing views, it’s harder to be connected to the landscape when you’re shuttling laundry, working in engineering, or preparing a meal.

Working as a deckhand,...

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The 5 Best Things About Interior Jobs on Superyachts

the best things about Oct 25, 2017

You’ve decided to launch your superyacht career, but you’re not sure where to focus your training. Do you have a background in engineering and want a technical job?

Should you opt for a deck job, where you’ll get to spend time outside and do some watersports?

Or do the interior positions draw your attention?

We’ll spend some time over the next few weeks talking about each type of job and its best features.

Up first -- interior positions!

Whether you’re a beginning stewardess or you’ve worked your way up to purser or chief stew, you’re bound to have some unique experiences as an interior crew member. You’ll still benefit from the amazing destinations, great food, and travel and earning opportunities that all of the yacht crew enjoy.

But working interior has some special perks. Here are a few of our favorites:

You’ll Become An Organizing Ninja


Do you love a neat room or a perfectly executed event? Everything in its perfect...

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