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the best things about Aug 27, 2019

Welcome back to our Best Things About series, where we dive in and share a little more information about what it’s like to work different positions on a yacht.

Today, we’re back to highlight some of the things crew love about working in the deckhand job!


That View


Living and working on a superyacht means that you’ll go to some incredibly beautiful places and see some amazing sights.

But working as deck crew ALSO means that you’re outside to experience these views firsthand. Whether it’s being the first to spot the shore after an extended crossing, or having extra opportunities to watch wildlife in action, you’ll be right there in the midst of it.


While interior crew and guests also have amazing views, it’s harder to be connected to the landscape when you’re shuttling laundry, working in engineering, or preparing a meal.


Working as a deckhand, you’ll usually have the best vantage point on the yacht.

The other great benefit is enjoying the weather. It’s true that the pleasures of sunny days and breezy skies can be offset with rain and storms. But since yachts tend to follow the good weather, unless you’re working on an explorer yacht traveling to remote sites, you’ll be spending the majority of your time in a pleasant climate.


Mr. or Ms. Fix-It


Do you like to work with your hands? Do you feel like you’re good at fixing things and finding ways to make things work even when you don’t always have the right materials?


Well, if you don’t, you’ll soon learn!


Working on deck is all about helping the yacht run smoothly. From cleaning to repairs to installing new pieces of equipment, you’ll become handy with a wide range of tools and techniques.


Not only is this a fun and ever-changing way to spend your time onboard, it’s a lifelong skill that you’ll carry with you, whether you stay on yachts, or just need to make some repairs around the house in the future.


Watersports. Did we say watersports?


One of the greatest appeals for guests on a yacht is the high-quality, readily available water toys that they don’t have to share with an entire resort guest list.


As deck crew you’ll be responsible for driving and helping guests with toys like jet skis, small sailboats, paddleboards, and kayaks, or teaching the guests how to operate the equipment on their own.

Either way, it’s important for you to be comfortable and competent operating and guiding on all of the equipment that your yacht has onboard.


Your yacht may also offer snorkeling, onboar scuba diving or fishing. So whether you’re helping maintain and fit equipment, fishing alongside your guests, or serving as a divemaster, you’ll be able to enjoy some of these activities alongside the guests.


Fitness & Safety

As a deck crew you’ll be constantly on the move. Lifting heavy objects, cleaning large areas, squeezing into tight spots to make repairs, helping guests in and out of the water….the list goes on.

It’s an active, on-your-feet job. In some cases, you may even teach fitness classes or offer personal training sessions to guests. Whatever the specific circumstances, you’ll definitely keep fit.

Fortunately, you’ll have a chef onboard preparing healthy meals to give you energy!

As a deck crew, you’ll also often be the first responder in the event of a health or safety incident with a guest. This is another skill that will translate to all areas of your life, whether it’s in your future as a parent, sports coach, volunteer firefighter, or any other outlet.


Career Progression


If working as a captain is your ultimate goal, a deckhand job is the place to start.

Deck crew are responsible for the day to day operations and maintenance of the yacht and its equipment.

Deckhands also stand bridge watches and handle small watercraft. Motivated deck crew can work their way through the ranks and with training and certification can eventually make the position of captain.



If you want more information on finding a job on a superyacht, check out our other blog posts on dockwalking, certifications and more! 

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