6 Ways To Know You're Right For A Deckhand Job

inspiration Feb 11, 2019

Whether you've got a background in yachting or you’ve never seen the ocean before, working on a superyacht can be a great adventure.


It’s an opportunity unlike any other that lets you travel the world, work on a high-performing team, earn good money, and do things others only dream of.


So how do you know which job is right for you? One of the most common entry jobs in yachting is that of the deckhand.


Here are 6 ways to know if you’re a good fit for this superyacht job!


1. You Haven’t Met An Action Sport You Don’t Like



Deckhands are the go-to crew when it comes to guest adventures.


SCUBA diving? Wake surfing? Kiteboarding? Simply swimming? The deck crew support, assist and guide guests in these activities and more.


So while it may not be as freewheeling as when you’re doing the sport on your own, if you love to seek out adventures, the deckhand job might be a good fit for you!



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Have a Happy Holiday Season (on a Superyacht!)

inspiration Dec 03, 2018

It’s the holiday season for many cultures around the world, which means that if you’re far from home on a superyacht, you might be wondering how you can feel festive when you’re not able to see your family or close mates.


Yachts are often booked for guest trips over the Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take time off to travel home from your port of call.


How can you make the most of the holiday season when you’re working on a superyacht? The good news is, you’re in this together with the rest of the crew -- and there are definitely a few ways to make it a cheerful season for all!


Here are a few ways that superyacht crew members can enjoy a unique and festive holiday:


Love The Ones You’re With


Often, crew will hold their own Christmas celebration -- exchanging small gifts and enjoying a festive dinner. If you’re all on board awaiting the...

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You Know You're a Superyacht Deckhand When...

inspiration Oct 09, 2018
Living the superyacht life is a unique choice. You're choosing a career that rewards hard work with incredible travel opportunities, good pay, and a non-traditional schedule. 


If you're a deckhand, you'll build some unique skills -- or some may say obsessions.

After a few months or years onboard, you may find that you're surprisingly handy when it comes to something needing a fix, or more concerned than the average person about tidiness, labels, organization, and cleaning products. 

Whether you're an established crew member or new on the boat, here are a few ways you'll know you're a yacht deckhand:


Is That Clean Enough For You?


  • You have a chamois in your back pocket at all times to remove every fingerprint you see. Fingerprints on stainless drive you nuts.


  • You line up bottles of cleaning products in your cupboards so the labels are all facing forward. You buy cleaning products in bulk quantities. Then, you buy backups of the...
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