How to Master the COVID-Style Yachting Interview

job hunting May 25, 2021

As the world is starting to open up again and COVID restrictions are being lifted, you might be thinking now is a good time to start that yachting career you've been dreaming about.


But even though restrictions are being lifted and we can see life returning to somewhat normal - we're still not quite there yet.


So you might be asking, "how do I interview in this new world? 


Do I shake hands at an in-person interview or do that awkward elbow bump thing? 


What if my zoom sound malfunctions or my cat walks across the screen?


How can I get my personality across if I’m wearing a mask?


The good news is, as an industry, we’ve had over a year to figure out how to do this whole interviewing-during-a-pandemic thing, and as a travel-based industry, we’re also used to different cultures, perspectives, even languages.


But let’s come back to your interview nerves. Here are a few tips to help you out!


1. Ask Questions. It’s always good to come to an interview prepared, and this includes asking questions ahead of time. ASK what COVID precautions are expected. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the answers, ask if anything can be adjusted. You’ll come across as curious and prepared - win/win.


2. Wear your Mask (unless you’re on Zoom. Definitely don’t wear your mask if you’re doing a video interview).


You’ve heard the old saying that it’s pretty much impossible to be overdressed for an interview? While there’s a pandemic happening, we’re gonna say that it’s pretty much never a bad idea to wear your mask. If the situation feels appropriate, you can always take it off!


3. Slow Down. You may need to speak a little more slowly or a little more clearly to get your point across.


This is true both of a virtual interview (where despite the best technology, sometimes our words get garbled) or an in-person interview, where a mask can muffle your voice.


And the best part of this is, you’ll be showing off a critical skill for the job. Working with a multi-cultural crew or with guests who may not speak your language as a first language, clear communication is a total win.


There you have it - a few ways to get prepared and master the COVID-style interview.


To learn more about interviewing for a superyacht job, go here.


I'm still not sure what to tell you about the awkward elbow bump, though. That one’s up to you.


- Tracy



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