Interviewing to Land Your Dream Superyacht Job

job hunting Aug 17, 2020

You’ve done all of your training and now it’s finally time for your big interview! It’s your chance to land a contract or long-term position on a superyacht, and you want to make your best impression.


It’s important to prepare for your interview and be sure to take into account the unique tips and strategies that will prepare you for a successful superyacht interview, and set you apart from your competitors!


Know Your Boat


Take the time to learn about the boat before your interview. What are its specifications and features? How big is the boat and what is the design? What year was it built?


Does the yacht charter? How many crew are onboard? Does it have any particular reputation within the yachting world?


Having this information will help you ask smarter questions and prepare your best answers for the interview. And believe me, the captain will be impressed that you've done your research.


If you know that the boat is running a fancy new electronics system and you’ve got a background in sound and video, you’ll be able to highlight that skill!


Take the time to prepare and learn what you can ahead of time.




Anticipate the Questions


Think like the interviewer - what would they want to hear?


Why should they hire you to ensure that the boat runs smoothly, is efficiently kept tidy, and provides the best platform for a fantastic guest experience?

If you’re entry-level, it’s expected that you’ll have your necessary training and certifications.


But, the interviewer may ask questions about your additional training (if any), your background and any relevant skills. They might ask why you want to work on yachts, how you handle interpersonal conflict, or what your response is in a crisis situation.


Think about potential onboard scenarios, and how you’d respond. That way, if the interviewer asks you tricky questions, you’re not stuck coming up with an answer on the fly!


Give Off A Good Vibe


Interviewing is an art and a science, but you don’t want to come across like you’re playing a game.


Ultimately, you want your interviewer to walk away with the impression that you’re trustworthy, capable, and likable.




After all, most people won’t hire someone they wouldn’t want to work with, no matter how qualified that person might be!


It might be helpful to hold a practice interview with a close friend, so you can get a better feel for how you come across and whether you need to make any adjustments or be aware of your body language and speech habits.



Share Your Successes


As you make your way through the interview, be sure you’re able to frame some of the conversation about the skills and qualities you have that don’t appear on your CV.


Have a story ready to share about a time you overcame a challenge or succeeded in a difficult task.


By sharing some of these key points in your personal and professional journey, you’ll not only illustrate your capacity, you’ll show that you’re a thoughtful applicant who has prepared for the interview, and for the job!




Close With Respect


Whether or not you feel the interview goes well, be sure to close the conversation and follow-on contact with respect.


You never know what might happen in the future. Perhaps you weren’t the best fit for this job, but the next time a position comes open, you’ll be top of mind for the interviewer.


Or, they may refer your name to a friend or colleague hiring new crew.


Respect the industry and look at your interviewer as an important new member of your professional network.



What's your biggest obstacle to starting a career on yachts? I'd seriously love to know! Send me an email at [email protected] Your questions will help me provide better content and solutions to your challenges.


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