How to Create a Killer Yachting CV

job hunting Mar 22, 2021

So when you’re getting started in the superyacht world, you might not know how to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates.


After all, so many people want to explore the world’s amazing nautical destinations - while getting paid! It can be hard to stand out among other entry-level applicants.


Here at FreshYacht, we give you the training and knowledge you need to break into a superyacht career. Today’s post will take you through 3 key things you need to do to make your yachting CV a winning document!


Pick the right photo


For good or bad, yachting is an industry where first impressions matter. Make a good one and show off your personality with a professional, engaging photo.


Yacht captains and crew agents don’t want to see another boring headshot - but they also don’t need to see your spring break selfie.


If you don’t have a good photo to use, ask a friend to schedule a mini photo-shoot.


Outdoors is probably better, so you can show you’re an active person ready for the next adventure.  Take a series of photos, and pick one that shows your personality balanced with your professionalism.



Before you show off your best smile, make sure you dress the part.


Most yachts have a dress code of a polo shirt and shorts or skirts. If you don’t own something like this already, stop by your local thrift store or mall  - you can find something that looks clean and simple for only a few dollars.


Keep it simple and streamlined


Like many other industries, yachting is interested in the highlights. What makes you most competitive for this job? Your resume should be a maximum of one page, easy to read, with bullet points and main sections clearly outlined.


Less is more here, too. If you don’t have lots of experience in this industry, don’t try to fluff up the little you do have. Instead, focus on your overall history of studies, work, and responsibility.


Play up your transferable skills


The good news about yachting is that many skills DO transfer! Check out our previous post to get a feel for some of the things you can highlight -- then keep thinking creatively.


Summer nanny? Talk about your experience helping families enjoy vacation time together, and your medical training (CPR, etc.)


Foodservice jobs? Play up your ability to respond to tough customers and take service to the next level.



No matter what you’ve done before, there’s probably at least one thing you can highlight that will make a yacht captain eager to have you on his or her team -- or at least bring you in for an interview.




Be honest, and try not to be trite. Every young person coming to a yacht wants to see the world and make money.

What makes your dream different? Would you love to learn seamanship skills?

Did you study languages in college and want to apply them in the travel industry?

Include a short blurb about yourself on your C.V. -- because the best yacht crews mesh people and personalities as well as skill sets.


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