4 Tips to Take Your Career From Land to Sea

job hunting Jun 01, 2020

Are you excited about the prospect of a superyacht job -- but worried you don’t have the right background?

Does your CV look a little thin?

Not sure how your previous work experience is relevant on a yacht?

That’s okay! The good news is, many people have made the jump from “ordinary life” to life on a superyacht -- and you can do the same!

Here are some of the best tips we’ve collected over the years on how you can write a CV that stands out -- and pivot from where you are to where you want to be.

With input from superyacht crew from stewardesses to chefs to captains and shore agency reps, this is just what you need to know, now!


1. Look at Your Whole Job History


Working as a bartender or barista is a great way to save some extra money and add a critical skill while you prepare for your yachting career.

Sarah, Yachting Newcomer (Stewardess)



Chances are, you’ve had some type of job in service or hospitality.

So many of us work these jobs when we’re just starting out or part-time while we’re in school. Waiting tables, serving drinks, even washing dishes can be a skill that makes you shine.

Look over your job history from small jobs to side gigs, and think about how these have prepared you for customer service!


2. Peek Through A Yachting Lens


Even though you think your work history is unrelated, there are probably a lot of similarities.

Kelly (Stewardess), Prior Yoga Teacher & Nanny


When you put your work history on a resume, you’re usually listing the basics - title, employer, job duties.

But thinking about what you’ve done from the perspective of the yachting industry can reveal similarities and experiences you might have overlooked.

Here are two ways that Kelly highlighted herself and stood out from the crowd.



Kelly worked as a nanny - but she didn’t just list “childcare” on her resume. When she was writing her yachting resume, she focused on the diversity of clientele from all around the world and the high-end experience expected by her clients.

As a result, she showcased how she was ready to step into providing 5-star service for the global clients on a superyacht.

Kelly also worked as a yoga teacher and started to teach stand up paddleboard yoga during this time. Even though she had no experience handling a boat, she could talk about reading the sea condition, winds, water conditions, and making a decision on guest safety for her SUP yoga students.

By bringing a nautical perspective into this experience, she showed a captain that she was creative, interested, and able to adjust to the yachting world!


3. Use Your Skills for the Process


I treated applying for yachting jobs as a job itself. I looked at it as a sales job -- just like what I’d done in my previous career.

Wade (Deckhand) Previous career in sales & marketing



Worked in a desk job? It’s likely you had to do some combination of writing emails, preparing documents, and public speaking. Maybe you’ve been to interviews before, or you’re a master spell-checker or witty writer.

If you’ve got some of these “paper” skills, you’ll have a leg up as you prepare your job search. Make marketing yourself your new priority, and make sure you’re ready on digital and documents.

People working desk jobs also often have to have good attention to detail -- and this is something desirable for both interior and exterior yacht crew! Highlight how you’ve learned to focus on each step of the process and make sure that the outcome is what the client expects!


4. Show Your Personal Strengths


To be successful on a superyacht, you need to be driven, be honest, and be a hard worker.

Suzanne, Crew Placement Agency Owner


One of the best things about yachting is you can learn on the job. Not everyone knows how to serve a gourmet meal in a tight space or how best to navigate a small tender (boat).

But - if you can show through past experience that you learn quickly, work hard, and are motivated, you’ll be a top candidate.

Think about how you can show advancement in your previous work. How did you take on more responsibilities?

When did you have to put your head down and get an unpleasant task taken care of? Highlight these kinds of things on your yachting CV or have the stories at hand to share during your conversations with prospective employers!

What could YOUR CV say about you that you haven’t realized?

Take a look at your latest resume and look at the details of the work you’ve done. We’re willing to bet there’s more there than you’d expect that sets you up to be a competitive applicant for a superyacht job!



Still need some more assistance?

Our entry-level superyacht crew online course is coming up soon. Complete it at your own pace and access our CV resources which come as a part of this invaluable package! Coming soon.

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