Find a Yacht Job at the Palm Beach Boat Show 2021

job hunting Mar 16, 2021

It's official! Palm Beach city officials just approved the plan for The Palm Beach Boat Show to go ahead this year -  and it’s a perfect place to find your first yachting job!


This year the show will take place March 25th - 28th and feature more than $1.2 billion worth of yachts.


Last year the show was canceled due to COVID but will go ahead this year with increased safety measures in place.


First, the show will be completely ticketless, masks will be mandatory and temperatures checked on entry.


The huge amount of boat sales over the last 12 months, mostly due to the pandemic, will likely bring an increased demand for sales at the show.


The same reason why a yachting job is a hot option for you right now! More boats being sold means more demand for crew to run them!


So, here are our TOP THREE TIPS for making the most of a boat show...

...especially a big one like Palm Beach!


BREAKING NEWS: Palm Beach Boat Show postponed indefinitely - Trade Only  Today


Book A Crew House


Did you know that you can stay in a crew house - even if you’re not actively working on a yacht? It’s true - and these lodgings can be an amazing place to make connections and learn about open positions.


With yacht crew houses in both Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale (about an hour’s drive away), you can jump-start your career with the place you choose to stay. Read more about staying in a crew house here!


Meet an Agent


While you can absolutely get hired as yacht crew without going through an agency, you can also open up even more job options when you work with an agent.


Yacht crew agents will definitely be on hand at the boat show, and with more agencies based on Ft Lauderdale and the surrounding area, you can meet people in charge of hiring new crew for yachts near and far.


Learn the Lingo


Yachting is a unique industry and if you’re new, you’ve got to quickly learn new vocabulary, terms, and jobs.


Attending a boat show can help you get more comfortable and start to talk confidently about what type of job you’re looking for, what kind of boat you’d like to work on, and how your skills have prepared you for that position!


Want to know more about how you can find your dream yacht job? Check out the blog for resources on interviewing, job hunting, and more!

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Bring your questions - it's live! See you there!

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