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4 Questions to Ask Before Starting A Career on Superyachts

coaching Jan 14, 2020
It’s easy to get excited about a new career path, especially when it’s one that will take you to exotic destinations and pay you well.


But just like any career, it’s important to be personally READY for what’s ahead of you.

If you’re thinking of starting a career on superyachts, we’ve got 4 questions you should ask yourself.

If you can give each of these a hearty “yes” -- or even an “I think so!” - then yachting is a...

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Dockwalking for Superyacht Jobs

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2019
Every industry comes with its unique type of job hunting.

In the world of superyachts, it’s not cold-calls or sending resumes to human resources departments.  

If you want to work on a yacht, you’ll need to start with some solid dockwalking.

So what is dockwalking?

Ultimately, it’s just what it sounds like: walking around marinas and talking to boat captains and crew in the hopes of finding yourself a job.

Dockwalking can be tiring. It can take persistence and...

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Christmas and New Years for Yacht Crew

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

It’s the holiday season for many cultures around the world.


If you’re far from home on a superyacht, you might be wondering how you can feel festive when you’re not with family or close friends.


Yachts are often booked with guest trips over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take time off to travel home.


How can you make the most of the holiday season when you’re working on a...

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4 Courses to Jump-Start Your Superyacht Career

training Nov 20, 2019

Working on a superyacht can be a dream career, but it also requires a wide range of diverse skills!

Whether you want to work in engineering, as a deckhand, or in the interior department, you’ll likely be asked to chip in on an assortment of tasks and projects. 

Building a wide-ranging skillset will set you apart and help prepare you to succeed.

You’ll be required to take a number of courses in safety before you can qualify for a yachting job, but you can also mix...

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How to Find a Superyacht Job in Antigua

job hunting Nov 04, 2019
Have you thought about combining a tropical vacation with starting a new career working on superyachts?


Antigua in the Caribbean is one of the hot spots for the yachting community. So if Florida is really not your thing, or you just want a little more adventure, Antigua might be a fun, tropical place to base yourself for job hunting!


Here’s what you need to know to start your job hunt in Antigua:


Getting There:


Be aware of current immigration...

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Get Hired at the 2019 Ft Lauderdale Boat Show

job hunting Oct 22, 2019


If you haven’t already booked your flights and bought tickets for the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show, add it to your to-do list!

This year’s show happens October 30 - November 3, 2019, and it’s hands-down the biggest opportunity in the U.S. to find a job, build your network and learn about the industry.

But don’t just show up and hope for the best!


We’ve got 7 tips for how you can make the most out of your Boat Show experience - including a...

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The Truth About Marijuana Onboard

coaching Oct 07, 2019

Maybe you like to smoke a little weed in your off-time. It gives you a pleasant high, you don't get a hangover, and hey, you're from a place where it's legal.

But what about smoking pot on that yacht you're about to work on?

Is it legal? And if not, what are the consequences?

Can you smoke on shore on your time off the boat?

These are good questions to ask before you start that first job on a superyacht.

In Canada and several U.S. states, pot is legal for recreational use and...

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Should You Work on a Cruise Ship or a Superyacht?

career Sep 24, 2019

You've been thinking about traveling and working at sea... but what's the difference between working on a cruise ship and a superyacht? You might be wondering if there are advantages to one over the other.


Well, here’s a quick breakdown of the key differences between working on a superyacht and working on a cruise ship.


The Owners and Guests


First off, cruise ships are owned by large corporations and filled with thousands of guests. This means that the guests...

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6 Reasons Yacht Chef is the Best Cooking Job in the World

chef Sep 10, 2019
Have you thought about working on yachts as a chef? It's an incredible opportunity to use your cooking skills to travel the world while you make some great money.

While this job requires creativity and flexibility it’s also a great opportunity if you're a restaurant or private chef looking for a new exciting career direction.

If you love food and cooking but don't have any formal experience, you could also consider starting on a small yacht as a chef/steward/ess.

Read on and learn about...

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Best Job for Water Sports and Fitness

the best things about Aug 27, 2019

Welcome back to our Best Things About series, where we dive in and share a little more information about what it’s like to work different positions on a yacht.

Today, we’re back to highlight some of the things crew love about working in the deckhand job!


That View


Living and working on a superyacht means that you’ll go to some incredibly beautiful places and see some amazing sights.

But working as deck crew ALSO means that you’re outside to experience...

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