Transitioning from the Hospitality Industry to Yachting During COVID

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021

Hot Jobs For Hospitality Veterans - Why Yachting Is For You


Are you one of the nearly 5 million people who lost a restaurant job during the COVID pandemic, as reported by the New York Times?


Maybe you didn’t lose your job, but you’ve had reduced hours or income as a result of the past year.


Or, you’ve been scared by what’s happened and you don’t think your career is a safe long-term place to be anymore.


No matter what’s brought you to a decision point, if you’re looking at breaking into a new industry from a hospitality background, yachting is one of the absolute best choices you could make. 


And you won’t be alone - more than 60% of people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 have totally changed industries, as reported in the Huffington Post.


The time is right to make a change!


We’ll show you why it’s a perfect skill swap, a chance for way (way) better pay, and a more stable industry that’s weathering the storms of COVID-19 better than almost anything else.

Finally, we’ll share a few tips on HOW you can make the change!


You’ve Got Skills!

If you’ve been working in hospitality, you’ve already mastered many of the core skills required for success on a superyacht.

  • Customer Service
  • Attention to Detail
  • Depending on your specific field, housekeeping experience, restaurant experience, etc


If you don’t have yacht experience, that’s okay - you’re a hard worker and you know how to make people feel taken care of. The rest you can learn!


Once you decide whether you’re interested in an interior job (perfect for people with serving, housekeeping, or fitness backgrounds);

an exterior job (perfect for people who’ve worked in areas like landscaping, sports/fitness, maintenance);

or a chef position (restaurant chefs, or private chefs) - you can take your required yacht training, supplement with programs (like FreshYacht’s own!), and update your CV to be yacht-ready.



You’ll already be three steps ahead of anyone coming to the yachting industry without your specific industry background and experience!


Do You Like Money?


Not only will you be paid much, much more as yacht crew than you ever received as an hourly hospitality employee - gone are your worries about rent, commute expenses, and so much more.


As a yacht crew, you live and work in the same space. You won’t have to worry about expensive bills each month.


You can earn high wages and save most of what you make (or use it to accelerate student loan payments or any other debt).


Yachting Is The Perfect Socially Distanced Job

With the major changes to the tourism and travel industry, yacht charters have skyrocketed.


Owners are using their boats like never before, whether for themselves or by renting out to those who can afford this luxurious yet isolated way of traveling.


While some ports of call remain closed or difficult to navigate with regulations, the open ocean is just that - a place to enjoy the beauty and luxury of yacht travel without worrying about the pandemic.



As yacht popularity continues to grow, crew are needed on these floating resorts.


Are you ready to step into this thriving job market?


Make It Happen


Ready to make a change and step into a new industry?


“You are looking for professional, academic and technical skills that can be easily translated to that other industry,” Jessica Hernandez, a career development coach, told the Huffington Post.


Other ways to make yourself stand out?


Share your online courses, digital boot camps, and non-traditional educational pursuits on your resume. These show a recruiter that you’re focused and taking practical steps into your new career.


Rewrite your resume to focus on the job you want - not the job you’ve had. This means adjusting your resume so it’s not just a laundry list of your achievements, but highlights ways that your previous work or experience has relevance to your new industry.


Need more tips? We’ve got tons on our website and in our blog archives -- not to mention our online courses that will take you from newbie to knowledgeable about all things yachting, so you’re ready for that interview or new yacht job!


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