6 Ways To Know You're Right For A Deckhand Job

inspiration Feb 11, 2019

Whether you've got a background in yachting or you’ve never seen the ocean before, working on a superyacht can be a great adventure.


It’s an opportunity unlike any other that lets you travel the world, work on a high-performing team, earn good money, and do things others only dream of.


So how do you know which job is right for you? One of the most common entry jobs in yachting is that of the deckhand.


Here are 6 ways to know if you’re a good fit for this superyacht job!


1. You Haven’t Met An Action Sport You Don’t Like



Deckhands are the go-to crew when it comes to guest adventures.


SCUBA diving? Wake surfing? Kiteboarding? Simply swimming? The deck crew support, assist and guide guests in these activities and more.


So while it may not be as freewheeling as when you’re doing the sport on your own, if you love to seek out adventures, the deckhand job might be a good fit for you!



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Superyacht Career Goals and the Year Ahead

career Jan 29, 2019

We know that January is all about setting goals and gaining momentum as you start a new year. For a lot of people, though, January can be a tough start to a year.


Whether you’re living in a cold-weather location and finding it hard to get motivated, or you’re still catching up after the holidays and aren’t in the right headspace, it can feel like you’re already behind if you’re just now thinking of goals.


However, it’s never too late for a fresh start.


It’s never too late to start thinking about what you want 2019 to look like...and of course, if you’re here to learn about a superyacht career, it’s never too late to start down that path. We’re here to help!


If you think 2019 is the year you’re looking for transformation -- personal or professional -- here are a few ways to get on the right track.



List Your Goals


Before you can start to identify where you’ll...

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A Day in the Life of a Superyacht Stewardess

a day in the life Jan 01, 2019
Hi there FreshYacht Insiders! We’re back and launching 2019 with a peek into the life of a stewardess.

You’ll remember Sarah -- we’ve chatted with her before -- and today she’s sharing some funny stories from working on superyachts, a glimpse into her routine, and why working as a stewardess has helped her in every other part of her life!


Sarah, thanks for talking with us! We love to hear about your experiences. Can you give our readers an idea of what a “normal” day looks like when you have guests onboard?


It varies a bit depending on the size of your boat or crew, but typically you’ll be either the “morning girl” or the “late girl”, working a shift each day so you stay on a routine schedule.

I’m often the “morning girl”, so I’d get up quite early -- before any of the guests -- and work through the day. In comparison, the “late girl” may start her shift mid-morning,...

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The Best Engineers Have Hands-On Experience - Aldrey's Story

interviews Dec 18, 2018

Welcome back, FreshYacht Insiders!

Today we’re featuring the story of Aldrey - a Jamaican Engineer who took his interest and aptitude for fixing things to a career on luxury superyachts.  


Aldrey tells us why he enjoys engineering (including a fun story or two!), why you don’t necessarily need a fancy degree to succeed in this field, the most important characteristic to be a good engineer and his top destinations on the yachting circuit!  

Aldrey, thanks for talking with FreshYacht today! Can you start by telling us a bit about what you do onboard?


As the engineer, I’m in charge of maintaining all of the main and auxiliary systems on board. This means I have to keep everything running and make sure it’s in well-maintained condition.


From the engine room to the AV system, from appliances to refrigeration - everything that runs on the boat is the engineer’s responsibility. The engineer really knows the whole boat, inside...

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Have a Happy Holiday Season (on a Superyacht!)

inspiration Dec 03, 2018

It’s the holiday season for many cultures around the world, which means that if you’re far from home on a superyacht, you might be wondering how you can feel festive when you’re not able to see your family or close mates.


Yachts are often booked for guest trips over the Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take time off to travel home from your port of call.


How can you make the most of the holiday season when you’re working on a superyacht? The good news is, you’re in this together with the rest of the crew -- and there are definitely a few ways to make it a cheerful season for all!


Here are a few ways that superyacht crew members can enjoy a unique and festive holiday:


Love The Ones You’re With


Often, crew will hold their own Christmas celebration -- exchanging small gifts and enjoying a festive dinner. If you’re all on board awaiting the...

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A Day Ashore in Yachting's Newest Hot Spot - Tunisia!

travel Nov 19, 2018

One of the perks of working on a Superyacht is exploring global destinations that may be a bit off the beaten track.

Today, we’re featuring Tunisia -- an exciting, beautiful destination that is now open to more traffic since the recent lifting of a travel ban by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

If you’ve never traveled in northern African, this French and English-speaking country is a fantastic place to start.

Located only 90 minutes by sea from Sardinia, it’s very accessible and offers a wealth of entertainment for yachting guests and crew alike.



When you land in Tunisia, you’ll likely be coming into one of the three main ports: Explore one of Tunisia’s main ports: Bizerte, the oldest city in Tunisia, can host yachts up to 150m in its marina, while Port Yasmine near Hammamet can accommodate up to 110m. 



For smaller yachts (up to 35m), you may moor in the picturesque Sidi Bou Said.

No matter which...

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From Sea to Sky - A South African Man's Journey Up Through Yachting

interviews Nov 06, 2018


Welcome back to our interview series! Today, we’re talking with Luke Raubenheimer, a lifelong mariner who took his yachting career and used it to become a pilot.  

Along the way, he’s had some incredible adventures. Luke’s story is a great one because we love to see the unusual and amazing places that a yachting career might lead.

Join us today and explore why Luke thinks the Bahamas are underrated, his best tip for newcomers to the industry, and what yachting taught him along the way.


How long have you been working in the yachting industry? How did you get your start?


I grew up sailing on family vacations, so I knew I loved the sport. I’d had a few jobs on sailing yachts but hadn’t seen it as a career yet. At one point my sister was working on motor yachts in the U.S. and she invited me over.


Coming from South Africa, I saw yachting as an opportunity to get a new start. I found a position on a sailing yacht. We crossed...

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Get Hired -- In Antigua!

job hunting travel Oct 23, 2018


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again -- if you want a job on a yacht, you’ve got to be where the yachts are.


Antigua in the Caribbean is one of the hot spots for the yachting community. So if Florida is really not your thing, or you just want a little more adventure, Antigua might be a fun, tropical place to base yourself for job hunting!


Here’s what you need to know to start your job hunt in Antigua:


Getting There:


Be aware of the current immigration practices. In Antigua, you’ll be welcomed as a tourist, but they might be more reluctant if they know you’re there to find work.

The best way to stay off of immigration radar is to ensure you’ve got a return ticket booked. You’re there for a vacation, in their eyes, even if you do plan to do some job searching while you’re on-island.


When To Go:


Yachting is a seasonal industry and the boats - and jobs - move around...

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You Know You're a Superyacht Deckhand When...

inspiration Oct 09, 2018
Living the superyacht life is a unique choice. You're choosing a career that rewards hard work with incredible travel opportunities, good pay, and a non-traditional schedule. 


If you're a deckhand, you'll build some unique skills -- or some may say obsessions.

After a few months or years onboard, you may find that you're surprisingly handy when it comes to something needing a fix, or more concerned than the average person about tidiness, labels, organization, and cleaning products. 

Whether you're an established crew member or new on the boat, here are a few ways you'll know you're a yacht deckhand:


Is That Clean Enough For You?


  • You have a chamois in your back pocket at all times to remove every fingerprint you see. Fingerprints on stainless drive you nuts.


  • You line up bottles of cleaning products in your cupboards so the labels are all facing forward. You buy cleaning products in bulk quantities. Then, you buy backups of the...
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Prepare For Your Year Off

coaching Sep 24, 2018


Have you considered taking a gap year?


Gap years have long been popular with young people looking for some space and time to explore, travel, or work before they move into a university course of study.  

In recent years though, more and more young and mid-career professionals are taking extended time off from their desk job or career.

Maybe it’s time to travel or explore a hobby, or volunteer in their community - the choices are endless.

One option that’s increasingly popular is a year or two working on a Superyacht! 

If you’ve got your eyes on some time away from your routine, and you fancy working on a superyacht, here’s how you can set yourself up for success!

Understand Your Goals & Timeframe


If you’re looking for some time away but don’t have a clear passion or next step other than travel, Superyachts could be an incredible opportunity.

With only a few weeks of required training and time needed to find a...

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