How Yachting Gives You Security

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2020
If you’re a human on Earth right now, you’re likely overwhelmed with messages and possible anxiety about COVID-19.


You may be facing self-quarantine or in the midst of social distancing that’s got you out of work, working from home, or doing less - with less than you’re accustomed to.


You might be feeling the squeeze of a tight budget and an uncertain paycheck.


No matter what you’re going through - we’re here for you. 


We’ll be honest, right at this moment, there’s a bit of a hold on yacht crew hiring. But the good news is, we know this pause won’t last forever.


And the better news is, if you are able to get started in the yachting world, you’ll have more security than ever before and you’ll be able to respond if this type of pandemic or global crisis happens again in the future!


Here’s why Yachting is a great job for security:


Low expenses, high income


You won’t need to worry about making a monthly mortgage or a car payment because you live on the yacht.


You’ll also make really good money - and if you’re smart, you can set aside a bunch of it for a rainy day.


That means, when life gets interrupted, you’ll be able to bounce back faster. 


A strong industry


Most yacht owners are financially resilient. When you have a job on a yacht you'll be able to ride out a crisis like this pandemic in the safety of a self-contained home and workplace. 


Owners rely on their crew to keep the boat in good shape and welcome them back to a safe haven as soon as it's possible to travel again.


So you won't be getting laid off in a hurry like you might in any other type of service industry.


Global connections


The friendships you’ll make in the yachting world are strong and long-lasting. After a few years on yachts, you'll likely have friends and connections in all parts of the world.


When tough times come along -- whether it’s just with you, or the whole world -- you can lean on these friendships to get you through. 


A Flexible Mindset 


One of the best things about working on a yacht? You learn to react to all kinds of scenarios and find solutions -- often without the optional tools or when you’re far away from the nearest port.


These skills will transfer into other uncertain parts of life -- and they’ll help you bounce back from the unexpected, whether you find it on land or at sea.




It’s never a bad time to start working on your next plan to move in the direction of your dreams.


If you’re dreaming about working on a Superyacht -- you’re in the right place. We'll give you guidance and support to set yourself up for success once this crisis is over.


If you're a land-based chef and you'd love to work on yachts - we’ve got something special for you coming up soon. Keep your eye out for the emails!




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