Attention Superyacht Crew - Drone Pilots Wanted!

training Aug 13, 2018

If you’re aspiring superyacht crew, one of the best ways to stand out as a new candidate is to showcase skills that set you apart.


No matter what your position onboard, one skill that’s greatly appreciated by captains and yacht owners is being comfortable with technology.


And one of the best new tech talents in demand is that of a drone pilot.


As recreational drones with onboard cameras have become more popular and more affordable, they’ve also become more useful for a full range of purposes.


How can your drone skills help the yacht? Here are a few ways:


Lighten The Load


Historically, yacht crew and specifically deck crew have roped up and rappelled down the sides of yachts to inspect hard-to-reach areas on the boat.


While some jobs will still require in-person labor to clean, repair, or upgrade the boat’s equipment, putting a drone out to capture video or imagery of the site in question can make everyone’s job easier.


Give the repair crew the chance to see the damage close-up before they start, so they’ll take the right parts and equipment the first time.


Let the Captain see the stellar cleaning job that’s been done with some hi-resolution images that show off the shining hull.


Check out the antenna after the storm to see whether there’s any debris attached before someone climbs up the mast.



A drone can go anywhere a human can, with digital eyes, and can often get there faster and more safely.


Put a drone to work and you’ll have a happy Captain!


Enhance The Experience


Guests pay a premium to charter a yacht and sail the seas of luxury. Why not provide them with the ultimate memory of their trip?


With a drone, you can capture guests at play in the most beautiful destinations of the world.


Whether it’s a video of your guests jet skiing along the Mediterranean coast or an overhead snapshot at a remote Caribbean beach, your drone shot can be the memory of a lifetime and a special souvenir that will elevate their yachting experience.



Be An Expert


No matter if your boat has an onboard drone or not, the fact is as more and more drones take to the sky, having a crew member familiar with safe operations and global regulations is an asset to a yacht.  


When guests want to fly in a restricted zone, or a neighboring yacht’s drone takes to the sky, the crew will be expected to provide support, guidance, and to ensure the safety of guests and their belongings.


Highlighting your experience with drones can let the ship’s management know that you’re a resource when a drone question comes up. And in most countries, it’s relatively simple to learn to fly and study up on the regulations.


So if you’ve got some free time on your hands while you prepare for your superyacht career, and you’re technically oriented,  take some time and look into drones -- then be sure to add those qualifications on your C.V.


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