5 Things to Know About the Yacht Crew Lifestyle

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

If you’ve never worked on a superyacht, you might be intrigued by the lifestyle you see on TV shows or social media.

One new exotic port after another.

Water toys, delicious meals, and a luxurious yacht to call your home.

While all of that is true for the guests -- as a crew member, you’ll have a slightly different experience.

That said, you can still enjoy and explore all of these things when you’re not working.

If you've been interested in a yacht crew career, but you're wondering about the truth of this lifestyle, you're in the right place.



Here are 5 Important Things to Know About the Yacht Crew Lifestyle


1. The Industry is Growing

Currently, over 15,000 yachts worldwide are hiring professional crew -- with more being built every year.

For a very large yacht, the crew size can be 50 people or more!

That’s a LOT of jobs.

What’s more, new yachts means new roles for officers and upper-level crew. You’ll need to work your way up over about five years to be an officer, but the opportunities are there!


2. You’ll See Some Amazing Sights

It’s true that for much of the time you'll be cleaning the yacht or serving meals while the guests lounge on the beach - but you’ll still have unparalleled access to some of the most incredible places around the world.

From remote sandy Bahama islands to the waters of Alaska, you’ll have the chance to explore these places on your days off.

Without the cost of paying for airfare and hotel, you’ll be able to splurge on outings, activities, or just enjoy soaking in the beauty of these incredible places!



3. You’ll Make Great Friends

Yachting is a social industry.

Between the networking among job-hunters, the crew in port for a few days, and your own boat's crew, you’ll make many connections along the way.

Working and living with others in a confined space, 24-7, often creates deep friendships and bonds that can last long after you've left the job.

Some people have even met their future spouse or partner while working together on a yacht!


4. Did We Mention The Financial Reward?

Do you have a budget? (We hope so!)

If you do, take a quick peek -- how much of your monthly income is tied up in housing, meals, commuting to and from your job?

What about your work clothing, or even your daily necessities like shampoo and soap?

Is it 30%? 50%? Even more?

Now, what if you could SAVE ALL OF THAT money each month? What could that do for your long-term goals and dreams?

This is the financial benefit of working on yachts. You'll be able to save most of your salary as you won't have any living expenses.

If this sounds like a lifestyle you could get excited about -- we agree!


But before you decide a yachting job is right for you, make sure you know the last, extremely important fact about working on yachts...


5. It’s a lot of hard work



A career working on yachts is not just a free ticket to parties and travel. Yacht crew sometimes work up to 15 hours a day -- or even more!

And don't expect regular weekends off like a conventional 9-5 job. There may be weeks of hard work with guests onboard the yacht before you get your days off. 

You'll be working in tight quarters with a bunch of other crew with different personalities, different ages, from different parts of the world.

Being able to work as a team and support each other while you're tired and under pressure is extremely important.

Your schedule can also be unpredictable and you'll likely have to work over holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve. These holidays are usually the busiest time of year for yachts.

But if you’re willing to show up and put in the hard work - you can receive the unique benefits of the superyacht crew lifestyle!

What do you think? Is this a career that could suit you?


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