5 Reasons to Work in the Interior of a Superyacht

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020
You’ve decided to launch your superyacht career, but you’re not sure where to focus your training. 


Should you opt for a deckhand job, where you’ll get to spend time outside and do some watersports?


Or do the interior positions draw your attention?

We’ll spend some time over the next few weeks talking about each type of job and its best features.


Up first -- interior positions!

Whether you’re a beginning steward/ess or you’ve worked your way up to chief stew, you'll have some unique experiences as an interior crew member.


Like all the other crew positions, you'll benefit from the amazing destinations, great food, and travel and earning opportunities.


But working in the interior has some special perks. Here are a few of our favorites:



1. You’ll Become An Organizing Ninja


Do you love a neat room or a perfectly executed event? Everything in its perfect place and available at a moment’s notice?


Well if you don’t yet, you will soon! Stewards and interior crew become masters of organizing, both sorting and storing physical items and also arranging events with guest preferences in mind.


Whether you stay on yachts for your entire career or venture out to other jobs in the future, this is a highly valuable skill that will pay off in both your personal and professional life.


And bonus -- you’ll also learn extreme cleaning, and how to clean even the tightest corners quickly and efficiently. The expectations are high on luxury yachts, so soon you’ll be folding fitted sheets perfectly and keeping every surface sparkling.


Like organizing, this is a habit that will serve you well throughout your life.




2. You'll Be Sheltered From Extreme Weather and Heavy Lifting.


We can’t promise you won’t have the occasional rough weather, but unlike exterior crew, you’re mostly working inside. You likely won’t be cleaning the decks in extreme heat or cold rain, and you’ll benefit from the air conditioning inside.


Also, while there is some manual labor involved in moving laundry, wrangling bed linens, and serving meals, you won’t have the same level of physical work required of exterior crew members.


And you’ll likely stay cleaner, as you won’t be hauling wet and dirty equipment or repairing mechanical systems.

3. You’ll Learn Unexpected New Things


Maybe you don't have a lot of wine knowledge, but you have upcoming guests who are wine connoisseurs. 


As the chief stewardess prepares the wine list for these guests, you’ll have lots of exposure to different types of wines, different pairings with food, and how to present a top-notch wine to a discriminating client.


 Wine and superyachts: Inside the billionaires' playground


In the process of serving your guests, you’ll learn more about wine than most people will know in a lifetime.

Or, maybe one of your guests has a deep passion for art and museums worldwide and wants to know the best places to visit during your travels. Next thing you know, you’ve studied up on your destinations, consulted experts and travel guides, and prepared a customized list of what museums your guest should visit.

The fact is, you’ll never be certain what you’ll pick up while preparing the guest experience. If you keep your eyes and mind open, you may be amazed at what you’ll learn.


4. You’ll Probably Get To Shop. A Lot.


True, this may not appeal to everyone, but shopping for a yacht can be more fun than you’d expect!


Searching for rare items on a small island can be its own kind of adventure.


The stewards/esses are often tasked with shopping for guests and for the yacht, whether it’s for food, alcohol, or specialty items.


You’ll also often be asked to shop for linens, decorations, crew uniforms…anything that the yacht needs.


This can be a fun experience of not only navigating the unique shopping culture of your destination but buying things you’d never think to purchase in your daily life.


You’ll also learn about high end, quality products and where to find them, something that can pay off in your future life when you’re looking for the right piece for your new home, or a gift.

5. You’ll Throw The Best Parties



Whether you’re sailing the Mediterranean and plan a Casino Royale themed dinner, or you’re in the Caribbean and feature steel drum music and tropical flowers alongside grilled lobster, you can elevate the dinner with your elaborate table decorations.


When it comes to decorating -- you’ll put your friends to shame. Stewards/esses decorate tables for meals as a way of enhancing the guest experience.



No matter how obscure the drink, someone is bound to ask for it, so you’ll soon amass a wide knowledge of drinks you can make with ease.


And remember - you’re doing all of this from the limited stores of supplies that you also manage!

If you’re really excited about your table decorating skills, you can even enter competitions at many boat shows, competing against other creative interior crew worldwide.



Ready to go? Keep your eye out for more tips and tricks on launching your yacht crew career this year!


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