6 Reasons Yacht Chef is the Best Cooking Job in the World

chef Sep 10, 2019
Have you thought about working on yachts as a chef? It's an incredible opportunity to use your cooking skills to travel the world while you make some great money.

While this job requires creativity and flexibility it’s also a great opportunity if you're a restaurant or private chef looking for a new exciting career direction.

If you love food and cooking but don't have any formal experience, you could also consider starting on a small yacht as a chef/steward/ess.

Read on and learn about the top 6 reasons to be a superyacht chef.

1. You'll find work easily! 

Yacht chefs are in high demand! Captains know that finding a qualified chef who can also work on yachts, is harder than it sounds.

So if you have strong culinary skills and you're willing to pack up and go traveling for a while  -- you can take your pick of yacht jobs.

In addition to finding work easily, you'll be well compensated for your experience and skills.

2. The Budget to Be Creative

Working as a yacht chef is an incredibly creative job. Unlike traditional restaurant jobs that would hold you to a set menu or a type of cuisine, yacht guests love to be surprised with a variety of menus throughout their trip.

This means you can take your creativity as far as you like, allowing for guest preferences of course. 

And along with this flexibility comes the money to support it.

A large or nearly unlimited budget will mean you can find the absolute best ingredients to create the best menus possible.

Think about it! How many cooking jobs would give you that much creative freedom?


3. Responsibility

You’ll have a lot of responsibility for managing your department.

This means you’re in charge of everything from menu creation to accounting, planning and food storage.

It’s almost like owning a restaurant -- but you don’t have to pay the bills! 

You’ll be well-appreciated by the owners and guests. After all, the food is often what makes or breaks a person’s vacation experience, and superyachts are no exception.


4. Explore Ports Around the World

Pulling into port along the coast of Italy? What about the Greek isles? Or perhaps, you’re on a yacht traveling along the NW coast of the U.S. and Canada.

Wherever you travel, you’ll have the chance to search out the best ingredients from local markets.

From specialty cheese shops and bakeries in France to pasta shops in Italy, these local markets often have the best local food. You'll meet the small suppliers with the stories of how the local food was produced.

This is one of the most fun aspects of a yacht chef job.



5. Create an Experience


Food -- especially good food -- makes people happy.

Meals on a yacht are often a highlight of a guest's vacation experience.

Together with the stewards/esses who create the table settings and serve the meals, the chef can provide incredible dining experiences and lasting memories for guests. 

Having this creative freedom can motivate a chef to continuously try new things, reach higher levels of excellence and really have fun with the job.




6. You'll make great money

As chef, you'll be one of the higher ranking crew onboard. You'll have the responsibility of providing great quality food and dining experiences for your guests, but you'll be well compensated in return.

Few other cooking jobs can provide you with the saving potential that a yacht chef job can give you.

So just imagine - what would you do with your savings after a year or two on yachts? Buy a home? Travel more? Help out your parents? What would you be doing in 3 years from now if you had a great income?


So -- are you ready?

As you’ve seen above, working as a chef isn’t an entry-level job on a yacht, but if you’ve got culinary training or the time and budget to pursue it, a yacht chef position might just be the one for you.



Want to learn more about the opportunities for chefs on superyachts?

Download: The Superyacht Chef Career Starter Guide

If this career sounds exciting to you -  watch for our Superyacht Chef training, coming up soon.

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