Superyacht Jobs for Skeptical Families

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2019
You’ve got your mind set on a superyacht career -- maybe after you graduate, or as you’re in your first few years out of school. But your parents are just confused - how is working on a boat a real job? Will it help you reach your future goals or have stability in your life? Will you be safe as you travel around the world?


You might be facing a lot of questions, so we’re here to help you whether you need to have a hard conversation or just know how to explain your dream to your family and friends.  Here are a few ways to help explain your dream to the important people in your life:


Show you have a plan - even if it’s just an outline

To some people, saying you want to work on a superyacht sounds like “I want to party all the time.” Work on a short explanation about the work you’ll be doing and the real rewards you’ll see. It might sound something like this:


“I want to save money to go to grad school, so I’m going to take this intense job for a few years.


I’ll be traveling and providing a safe, clean, secure environment for wealthy tourists by working as a deckhand or a stewardess. It’s long hours, but I’ll be paid well and I won’t have to worry about paying rent or maintaining a car payment, so I’ll really be able to save!”



By telling people some of the hard facts about why this lifestyle is appealing -- and ensuring them you aren’t just planning to sail off into the sunset forever -- you’ll give them something they can understand.


Do Your Research

Being prepared is one of the best ways to reassure a nervous parent or partner.  When you’re getting ready to launch your superyacht career, you’ll want to show that you’re taking it seriously. Take an online course (like ours here at FreshYacht!), and make sure you’re enrolled in all of the preliminary training you’ll need to succeed.


The more you learn, the more confidently you’ll be able to talk about the process of getting your first job and what you’ll expect once you get there. Knowing things like safety responses, boat procedures, and industry trends will help you when you get on board -- but will also show your friends and family that you’re making an educated choice.



Find The Supporters

Even if you’re faced with skepticism or even rejection, there are probably some people in your life who are willing to support you, no matter what choice you make.


Find these people and use them as your sounding board. Share your plans, your fears, and your concerns with people who are willing to take part in a conversation -- not the ones who dismiss your dreams as unrealistic or idealistic.

Realize it’s your life to live

If you’ve tried all of this and you still don’t feel like your family understands you, remind yourself that every person has to make his or her own choices. It’s your life that you’re choosing; it’s your decision whether you want to come into a desk every day, or try something different that might be hard, but could also be incredible.  Don’t be afraid to dream big -- because the only person who will feel the regret of not taking a chance is you.


Still concerned about sharing your dream with your family? We’re here to help. Send us an email or head on over to our Facebook group, where you can chat with other aspiring yacht crew and share stories and techniques. Here at FreshYacht, we’re here to help take you from dreamer to doer.

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