Should You Work on a Cruise Ship or a Superyacht?

career Sep 24, 2019

You've been thinking about traveling and working at sea... but what's the difference between working on a cruise ship and a superyacht? You might be wondering if there are advantages to one over the other.


Well, here’s a quick breakdown of the key differences between working on a superyacht and working on a cruise ship.


The Owners and Guests


First off, cruise ships are owned by large corporations and filled with thousands of guests. This means that the guests represent an entire range of ages, backgrounds, and interests. Just think of the college spring break week and low-cost cruise ships making the circuit of Caribbean resort towns. 


By contrast, superyachts are usually either owned by a single person or family, or chartered out to specific, small groups - families, business partners, or close friends. Typically, most of the guests will already know each other. 


 And while most anyone can afford to take a cruise if they save their pennies, superyacht travel is typically only an option for the very wealthy.



The Experience

The difference between a trip on a cruise ship and a superyacht is like the difference between flying economy and flying on a private jet!

On a cruise ship the crew make sure guests are safe, fed, and entertained. However, with the many activities, strictly planned itinerary, and simply the huge number of people on board, in many cases crew are rushing just to keep things going smoothly.

Contrast this to a superyacht, where the high-end experience is one of the key draws. Guests receive personal service, from help with water sports to shore excursions and special touches like knowing their favorite drink and anticipating anything that would make the experience more luxurious. 


The yacht is run to a level of five-star service, or even higher.

Onboard Amels superyacht Grace | SuperYacht Times


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