3 Things to Know About Cooking on Yachts During COVID-19

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021

So, we’ve talked a good bit here at FreshYacht about the way a Superyacht Chef job is different from a land-based position.


Better money, amazing travel, access to fresh local ingredients..the list goes on!


But we’ve been curious to watch how COVID-19 has impacted the Galley and what it means for a Superyacht Chef.


And, today, we thought we’d share a few notes we thought were pretty interesting. You might think so, too!



First off, provisioning’s become a breeze. With more and more options for delivery, you can send in your order and kick back onboard to wait.


Someone else can dig through piles of produce to find the freshest fruit, haul the boxes and bags back in the heat and humidity, and maybe even help you unload.



If you still love going to market, you’ll probably be able to (depending on local practices), but for a busy chef, better delivery options are an awesome benefit!



Next, you won’t need to worry about safety precautions with food handling. If you’ve got your Food Safely Level 2, you’re good to go.


You’ve already been keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic, so it’s business as usual for a pro like you.




Finally, remember that although the guests may be paying thousands to have the yacht to themselves, the galley can be your kingdom.


As the chef, you can request to restrict who comes in the galley and when, and support your choices with health and safety practices.


While you may miss the social elements of having guests drop in and chat, it’s also a great perk to have a space that can be yours, even in the small quarters of a superyacht.

What do you think?


What’s the biggest question you have about working on a yacht during this COVID-19 era?


We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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