Crew Houses - Your Interview Starts Here

job hunting Aug 28, 2018
The Crew Grapevine, Antibes


We’ve talked about some of the most exciting spots in yachting worldwide, and the best techniques for jumpstarting your career.  

When you travel to a yachting hub, staying in a crew house is a great way to fast-track building your network and meeting other yacht crew.

But beware -- staying in a crew house is not only a place to sleep, it’s the first day of an extended interview for a superyacht job.

Here’s how you can make the best impression and set yourself up for success!


Act Like A Guest

You might feel like one of the crew (or wish you were), but the truth is, you’re a guest here.

Be on your best behavior and act like you’re staying at someone’s home.

This means keeping your space tidy, cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the common areas, and making sure you’re not causing a burden on others.

After all, especially if they’re working long days at the marina, your housemates are looking to come home to a restful space. Make it easy for them and you’ll be remembered.

On the same note, be aware of your noise levels - don’t play your music at an obnoxious level, or hold shouting matches with your parents or mates back home. In short - keep the noise down. 

Oasis Crew House, Antibes, France


Do More Than Expected

Go above and beyond and don’t wait for someone to ask for your help.

Doing dishes? Take care of the extra coffee cups left to soak in the sink.

Running a load of laundry? Ask if you can include the hand towels or your roommate’s sheets.

Add value and be a helper.

Yacht crews are tight-knit and expect every member of the team to do what they can to pitch in and lighten the load.

If you can demonstrate these skills at the crew house, you’ll be seen as an asset to the team onshore or on a yacht.

Smart Move Crew House, Ft Lauderdale, Florida


Ask Questions 

Living alongside crew of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the career and fill in some of the gaps of your knowledge.

Take the chance to ask about best and worst experiences, lessons learned, and tricks of the trade.

But be thoughtful here - you don’t want to turn the crew house into a stressful environment where your housemates can’t unwind and forget about work for a while. Balance your questions with a healthy amount of non-work related banter.


Fly Solo

Crew houses are for sleeping -- solo. Many crew houses have strict rules about bringing home a date, and others have nearly as strict unwritten rules.

Often you’re sharing a room with someone. The last thing they want is to be thrown out onto the couch in the wee hours when they’re exhausted from a long day, just because you found a hot prospect at the club.

If you’ve got a date, make an alternate plan, but don’t bring him or her back to your crew house.


Keep It Clean

Most crew houses are zero tolerance environments for drug and alcohol abuse. A few beers or a glass of wine won’t violate this -- but anything more serious definitely will.

Yachting is a career that requires safety, honesty, and responsibility.

Any aspiring crew members seen to be using illegal drugs or acting irresponsibly with alcohol aren’t likely to get a positive recommendation.

Keep your habits clean and refrain from significant drinking and ANY illegal drug use while you’re staying in a crew house and seeking work -- it’s the only way to make sure you’ll be considered as a serious candidate!


Pineapple Crew House, Antigua, West Indies


Abide by these guidelines and you’ll be a model crew house guest - and well on your way to building some lasting relationships in the yachting world.


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