6 Reasons a Superyacht Career May Be Right For You

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

Maybe you’re a recent college grad who isn’t ready to sit in a cubicle for the next thirty years. You spend your free time scrolling Instagram and lusting after the exotic destinations, wishing your life was more #adventure and less #commuterlife.


Or maybe you’re a hard-working chef tired of the restaurant shift work and ready for a change. Your salary isn’t enough to make ends meet and you’re bored with the same old routine and menus.




Regardless of your background, if you’re eager and hardworking, you can build a fantastic career as superyacht crew.


As COVID travel restrictions are started to be lifted, and borders are opening again the yachting industry is gearing up for a late start this summer. Yacht owners are less affected by this crisis than other industries, and they're anxious to get back on their boats for a vacation. This means - they need good crew to run those yachts!


So if you're curious about the yacht crew lifestyle, here six reasons why this might be an exciting career path for you:


1. You’re flexible, and looking for a job that will be too.

Working on a superyacht requires flexibility, irregular schedules, and long days. You won’t be on a standard 9-5, 5-days a week schedule.


If you love a routine that's consistently the same, you’ll find it challenging to plan and manage your life on yachts.


But if you’re of a more flexible bent, you’ll benefit from days off in exotic locations and an unconventional lifestyle that lets you decide whether you want to work short-term jobs, seasonally or year-round.


2. You want to travel

If you want to travel, what better way than to work onboard yachts?


Superyachts travel all through the most exotic locations, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, and the Bahamas.


Ever thought of swimming with sharks? Don't worry, these Nurse Sharks are slow-moving docile creatures that are for the most part, harmless to humans. Kind of a cool thing to do on your afternoon break, don't you think?


In short, the world’s oceans are yours to explore.  While you won’t be able to choose the itinerary, you’ll have up-close access to some of the most coveted vacation destinations in the world - without the cost of plane tickets or hotels!


3. You’re interested in making - and saving - serious money.

Not only do you save on travel expenses, but you’ll also be well paid for your work. With your accommodation and food provided, your living expenses are nearly zero.


Within a short time of working as yacht crew, you can save a nice amount to set you up for future travels, education, or anything else that might require some extra cash.




4. You want to build skills

Yacht crew are trained and skilled in various areas, from engineering to cooking, nautical skills, service and hospitality.


Even if you've never worked on a yacht, you can start as an entry-level steward/ess, deckhand or chef and gain experience on the job.


Once you've started in your chosen department, you can always advance your career and gain valuable certifications. Some yachts will even subsidize your ongoing education.


5. You'll create strong friendships


Perhaps even more valuable, you’ll be building close and enduring relationships with your fellow crew members.




In the long term, whether you build a career at sea or move back to a land-based life, you’ll benefit from these close connections and an international network of friends.


6. You’re willing to work hard in exchange for unconventional and amazing opportunities.

Tropical islands, fun parties, small ports, and amazing adventures -- a superyacht job puts all of these things and more at your fingertips.


It’s not an easy job, but if you put in the hours and the dedication, you’ll be rewarded with opportunities that you could never have imagined from your land life.



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