Kitesurfing For Superyacht Crew

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2017

Combine the agility of snowboarding, the visual appeal of surfing, and mix in the powerful elements of water and wind, and what do you get?

Kitesurfing -- the latest and greatest sport to challenge your body and mind!

Kitesurfing is a type of Kiteboarding that has gained popularity in recent years, and appeals to active people of all sorts. Many people come to Kitesurfing with experience with water or snow sports, but even if you have no background, with some practice you too can be coasting across the waves, the breeze in your face, in no time!

Kiteboarding has many styles, from freestyle to speed to jumping, so you’re certain to find the right match for your particular skills and interests, and have opportunities to learn and add new tricks as you become more comfortable in the sport.

And if you’re working on a yacht, or an aspiring yacht-crew member, kitesurfing is an ideal sport. Not only will you be able to take part at many of the beautiful yacht destinations worldwide, it’s a handy skill that your captain may appreciate, particularly as more guests will be interested in kitesurfing themselves!

Read on for FreshYacht Life’s key points to know when it comes to Kitesurfing!


Easy to Learn

Kitesurfing can be done by anyone. Don’t be dissuaded by the images you may see; it doesn’t actually require as much upper body strength as you might imagine.

Yes, you’ll probably learn faster if you’re fit, and if you’re not fit already, kitesurfing will help you get there. But it’s a sport that’s absolutely accessible to anyone with an able body and the desire to learn!

Many places offer a several day crash course in kiteboarding, while you also have the option for private lessons. If you have a history of water, wind, or snow sports, you’ll likely pick it up quickly, but even those totally new to these amazing activities can learn quickly with proper instruction.

That said, kitesurfing is a sport that does pay major benefits from receiving a lesson. While you can learn to run or even ride a bike without a teacher, kitesurfing combines techniques with water safety and other areas of concern, so it’s best to start out with a teacher showing you the ropes!


Easy to Rent and Easy to Carry

Kitesurfing equipment is relatively compact and easy to travel with, especially compared to larger equipment like a surfboard or a snowboard.

And as the sport gains popularity, you can rent equipment in most destinations where it’s a popular activity.

As with any gear rental, you’ll want to be sure you’re renting from a reputable shop and you conduct your own inspection for safety and wear and tear. But as a yachting insider, you’ll likely have connections and referrals at your destination that can point you in the right direction.


Amazing Destinations

Some of the best kitesurfing destinations are a stone’s throw from major yachting centers. From the Cayman Islands to Tarifa, Spain, to Jupiter, Florida, kitesurfing is gaining popularity and associated training centers, gear rentals, and gatherings of active, adventurous people around the world.

And as superyacht crew, you won’t have to pay premium dollar to fly yourself to these incredible destinations. Whether you’re in port for a few days or a month, you’ll likely be able to fit in some time to feel that salt spray on your skin!


Fitness & Fun Around the World!

Working on a yacht may not give you access to a five-star gym, but you’ll travel to some incredible destinations and have the opportunity to build and maintain your fitness while you hike, climb, ski, swim, board, and more.

Adding kitesurfing to your list of skills will no doubt connect you with amazing new people, provide you a great day-off activity, and take you to incredible beaches and waterways.


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